West End Parish Council

West End Parish Council

Participatory Budgeting Grant Awards 2020

West End Parish Council has agreed to carry out the Participatory Budgeting exercise again and will be
awarding grants up to a combined total amount of £3,000.

The Parish Council therefore invites applications from local groups and charities to apply for this grant.


Please note that each applicant can apply for a maximum grant of £300.00.


Please click here to download an application form or contact the Parish Office on: 023 8046 2371.


All completed forms forms should be returned to the Clerk by Monday 13th January, 2020.


Once the applications have been received, these will be collated and details of the grant requests will be
included in the next Newsletter, together with a voting form. It is up to you, the residents of West End, to
vote for the application(s) you consider to be most worthy. The Chairman of the Council will announce the
results of the vote at the Annual Parish Assembly on Monday 30th March 2020.