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Local Police Info

Your Local Beat Officers are:  PC Steel, PC Manns, PC Le Brun, PCSO Coppin and PCSO Heaton:


 PC Jason Steel                PC Cat Manns                        PC Louis Le Brun


PCSO Mica Coppin                 PCSO Emma Heaton         



Police Drop In's are held each month in the Asda Supermarket in High Street, West End or alternatively you can attend Cops n Chat at The Hatch Cafe in the Parish Centre.  See below meeting dates for 2018.

Please come along and meet the team.  Feel free to ask the Police any questions that you have relating to your local area.  We can provide valuable crime prevention advice and leaflets to assist you in keeping yourself and your property safe and secure.

Drop in at ASDA - Thursdays 6pm to 7pm

23rd August; 20th September; 18th October; 15th November; 13th December 2018

Cops n Chat at The Hatch Cafe - Wednesdays 10am to 11am

5th September; 3rd October; 7th November; 5th December 2018



Please do not report incidents of antisocial behaviour, suspicious incidents, neighbourhood issues and crime, through email, Hampshire Alert or posting on social media, these MUST be reported via 101, or 999 in an emergency.

General enquiries can be emailed to eastleigh.police@hampshire.pnn.police.uk

When calling 101 to report an incident, it is important to ensure the call taker is aware you want to make a report of the incident - not that you wish to pass a message to an officer, the call taker can then take all of the relevant details of the incident and record these.  A decision will then be made as to whether an officer need to be deployed and whether this needs to be done urgently or not.  If a message is passed to an officer, this officer may be on rest days, leave or sick and the message will not have been seen or actioned by anyone else.



We are now using our new community messaging system 'Hampshire Alert' to let you know what is going on in West End and to provide valuable crime prevention information.  Hampshire Alert covers the whole of Hampshire, you can also add other locations, you wish to receive alerts for i.e. your work address and other locations you spend time - family, gym, hobbies, interests and recreational activities.

Hampshire Alert is a free web based system, which you can sign up to and choose what information you want to receive and in what format - email, text or phone message - so the 'alert' is personal to you.  By using Hampshire Alert you will be one step ahead.  You will be notified of relevant information, warnings and crime, much quicker and you won't miss out on important updates.

Please register to receive Hampshire Alerts, so the West End team can keep you updated - https://www.hampshirealert.co.uk/

Information direct to you, from local officers, about where you live.  You will be notified of relevant information, warnings and crime directly, so you won't miss out on important updates.

Police Monthly Updates:

July 2018

Rural News: 

Rural Times Summer issue 2018

Youth News:


Neighbourhood Watch News:

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Visit www.hampshire.police.uk or call 101

For latest Crime Reports visit www.crimereports.co.uk/   and enter an address in the Search box.