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West End residents petition NOW to get the M27 resurfaced

Our West End residents have long suffered excessive noise pollution from the concrete section. However, there appear to be no plans to resurface such, as part of the forthcoming Highways England M27 Smart Motorway scheme.


There is a history of broken promises

  • most recently back in 2014
  • Highways England promised to tarmac by 2016
  • it didn’t happen, despite funding being committed
  • those concrete ‘retexturing’ works increased noise



Their forthcoming M27 Smart Motorway scheme:

The project does not include resurfacing.
They say they are thinking about it, but it's looking unlikely that the concrete section will be resurfaced.

The motorway noise from the concrete severley impacts West End resident "quality of life".

Let's petition 

to get Highways England to resurface now - we do not want to wait another twenty years.


Our message to Highways England:

West End has a population that straddles the M27 and, having that concrete section, suffers more than human populations on any other section of the forthcoming M27 Smart Motorway scheme.

  • Grasp the opportunity now to relieve West End residents of their motorway noise pollution pain
  • Resurface the concrete section as part of the forthcoming M27 Smart Motorway scheme



Let’s force a resurfacing decision out of Highways England

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