Eastleigh Borough Local Plan 2011-2036

Help shape your community

Eastleigh Borough Council is currently working on a new Local Plan for the area which will guide the development of housing, infrastructure, employment sites and community facilities. The Borough Council last met in July to hear an update and the ‘Emerging Local Plan’ was noted. At that time, Councillors were informed that work was still ongoing and no decisions could be made until all of the technical work and a public engagement was completed.

The engagement process entitled ‘Shaping our Community’ will run until 19 November. It provides local people with the opportunity to help the Council gain a better understanding of what they value and feel is most important to them within their community and the new communities which will develop over the coming years.

Whilst the Council is continuing to collect all the evidence for its emerging plan, it is encouraging views from local people about what’s important for the future of their community. These results will all be collated and considered alongside the wider plan.

We want to find out what local people think are important to them in their communities. This is not just about housing, but about roads and traffic, schools and doctors, parks and open spaces, jobs and more. It’s important that local people get involved in helping to shape their community and we encourage them to give us their views.”

For more information about the engagement process visit ‘Shaping our Community‘ page.