Parish Council Staff

Parish Council Staff

Parish Council Staff

Parish Office

Clerk to the Council:   Sheridan Mockford

Deputy Clerk:               Becky Bond

Admin. Officer:            Susie Johnson

Grounds Staff

Head Groundsman:                   Steve Adams

Deputy Head Groundsman:     Nigel Thorne

Groundsmen:                             John Clarke and Sam Hotston

Youth Club

Youth and Community Manager:     Nikki Penny

Youth Workers (Part Time):               Hannah Beattie, Nick Beattie, Jake Penny,                                                                                                           Alice Burtenshaw, Tamsin Fitt and Shelane Langford

Hatch Cafe

Café Manager:     Jo Janaway

Café Staff:            Liz Payne, Linda Baker, Donna Phillips, June Dymott, Becky Elford, Lauren Davis,                                        Amy Worsfold and Niki Wooders

Caretaking Staff

Covering West End Parish Centre, The Old Fire Station, The Youthouse, Cutbush Lane and          Townhill Farm Community Centre:

Yvonne Brewster, Gill Mansbridge, Shelley Mockford, Simon Bance and Lou Butnell